62 BASE jumps in one day with Miles Daisher

Relive Miles Daisher’s remarkable career as he attempts to reclaim the world record for most BASE jumps in 24 hours. Around 10:35am on June 21st — the summer solstice — BASE jumper Miles Daisher’s worn, dusty sneakers left the railing of Idaho’s Perrine Bridge for the 62nd time in less than 24 hours. And by the time the parachute opened and he soared gently down to a painted bullseye along the bank of the Snake River, he recovered a world record that’d slipped away from him just last year. But at that exact moment, he’d simultaneously cemented his name atop the upper echelon of BASE jumpers, skydivers and wingsuit pilots in the world. It was then that Daisher once again held three world records: most human-powered BASE jumps in 24 hours; the highest total BASE jumps in one year; the most BASE jumps in a lifetime.

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